Solution for the Affordable Care Act


If you, members of your family or your employees do not qualify for a subsidy you can shop for coverage now through  web site.  If you have a health condition, pick a January 1, 2014 effective date as the coverage will be Guarantee Issue.  

  • The advantage of shopping now is the potential to lock in rates now for the next twelve months depending on which insurer you select.  Again you can shop without an agent or call NAS and they can provide a spread sheet of plans to consider.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO HEALTHCARE.GOV IF YOU DO NOT GET A SUBSIDY, YOU CAN SHOP FOR COVERAGE ON THE NAS SITE RIGHT NOW.  REMEMBER IF YOU GO INTO HEALTHCARE.GOV YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO REPORT ALL FAMILY INCOME AND PERSONAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION.
  • You may qualify for a subsidy/tax credit if your family projected income for 2014 is less than $46,000 as an individual and less than $92,000 as a family.  Go to <> , complete the form and insert  “where you get help from an agent” the NPR number (national producer number) 257278 & agent name Mark Blocker.  Make sure you keep a printed copy and fax to 312-275-7768 or email to .  By inserting the NPR number, you may be assisted by NAS with HHS.
  • As you have heard from most news and television networks the HHS the online application errors out and the toll free number is busy.  Print the application, keep a copy, mail the original to HHS in London KY, and email or fax a copy to 312-275-7768.
  • In two weeks you should get a letter from HHS confirming or denying applications for subsidies. If you do not get a response you will need to call HHS.  Ttheir number is in the application which is also on the NAS web site. Call NAS toll free to get a quote once you receive your qualification letter.  NAS can quote with you or go to if their site is working.




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